ISO 15000-1:2004 Certification

ISO 15000-1:2004 specifies the requirements for a collaboration-protocol profile (CPP), and a collaboration-protocol agreement (CPA). The CPP describes a trading partner's technical capabilities for performing electronic business. The CPA describes the agreement between two trading partners on the technical capabilities they will use for specific electronic-business collaboration. Included in the CPP and CPA are details of transport, messaging (using ISO 15000-2:2004), security constraints, and binding to a business-process-specification document that contains the definition of the interactions between the two parties while engaging in a specified electronic business collaboration.

We are reputed recognized Certification possessing highly experience resources dedicated to provided to quality services to our clients, in Various region of India and globally to maintain the service and quality of a product in India . For some industries, certification is a legal or contractual requirement. ISO 15000-5:2014 can be employed wherever business information is being shared or exchanged amongst and between enterprises, governmental agencies, and other organizations in an open and worldwide environment.

The ISO 15000-1:2004 certification process in involves the addressing of the constraints that specified in the CPP and CPA that are important for betterment of business such as transportation, messaging and security. Additionally, there is also a document contained in the standard that is essential for better business process specifications.

Benefits of ISO 15000-1:2004

  • Reduced greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprint. Compliance with this standard will allow you to meet current or future voluntary and/or mandatory energy efficiency targets or GHG emission reduction legislation.
  • Increase energy cost savings for the organization by reducing energy costs via a structured approach to managing your energy consumption.
  • Increased knowledge of equipment efficiencies. By integrating your existing management systems you can align your Energy Management System (EnMS) with existing management systems for additional organizational benefits.
  • Informed decision-making processes from system design through to operation
  • Increased energy awareness among staff members at all levels.
  • Structured approach to the Right First Time methodologies
  • Improved corporate image and credibility with all stakeholders and customer
  • Enhanced security of energy supply as you will have identified your energy risk exposure in areas within the organization and commenced processes to reduce them
  • Improved operational efficiencies and maintenance practices